MBC 2008 Special "I am Lee Young Ae"

The 50 min. MBC 2008 Special "I am Lee Young Ae" (我是李英愛 나는 이영애다) was broadcasted on 2008-9-26, highlighting four faces of LYA: Real YA, Jang Geum, Lady Vengeance and CF Queen. One can turn on or off the English subtitles, or change to Chinese, at the lower right of the video screen, after you play.Below pictures show snaps of LYA's daily life.

The first picture below shows the spread of the drama "Dae Jang Geum" (大長今) around the world. Others were from the room of an Iranian girl and last picture is a Zimbabwean fan.

MBC Special "I am Lee Young Ae":

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Built-in English and Chinese subtitles. Others by instant Google translation.